Pediatric Dentist

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Pediatric Dentist

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I am just beginning the process of looking into Pediatric Dentistry in Phoenix for my nine-year-old daughter. We take such good care of her teeth, she eats a really balanced diet, and still she has quite a few issues. Braces are in her near future which we have already gotten a decent quote from here in Phoenix. But before going in for the orthodontics work we had to take her to a dentist for a cleaning and check up. Turns out there's quite a few issues. She has three fillings that need to be done on baby teeth so they are recommending possibly pulling the teeth and then putting spacers in which I think the orthodontist Would take care of. The other Option is to fill two of the teeth (because one has to be pulled no matter what) and put crowns on to prevent further damage until the baby teeth fall out. All in all it's looking quite spendy and we do not have dental insurance nor are we rich, so I am seriously considering going down to Mexico to have this work done. I personally know many people who have had good experiences, including my mother. But I do not know anyone who has had pediatric dentistry done and I would be lying if I said I was not a little nervous. I would love some recommendations if anyone knows a dentist that is known for their work on children


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Finding a pediatric dentist in Phoenix who is known for exceptional care can make a significant difference in your daughter's dental health journey. While considering options, it's important to prioritize her comfort and the quality of care provided like Many families opt for dental care in Mexico due to cost considerations, but it's crucial to ensure the dentist is experienced in pediatric dentistry.

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