My review of Silent Hill Homecoming.

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Re: My review of Silent Hill Homecoming.

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this thread wrote:Well that was worth being jostled out of the eternal rest of the forum thread afterlife!
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Re: My review of Silent Hill Homecoming.

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jimm1909 wrote:
Pleass wrote:Popular American cinema isn't good at that sort of thing, in my opinion... OH LOOKY HERE I PUT A LINK IN TO SOME DODGY SOUNDING SITE LOL
I agree completely. Definitely need the headphones on.

Jim, are you an intelligent new breed of spambot?

I like. I am convinced.

Edit: Never mind, there was no Jim. Must've been a bad acid trip paradox.

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Edit part IV: Definitely right.
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Re: My review of Silent Hill Homecoming.

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Bit of an old post, but just finished a play through of this.

I'd say the graphics are the only thing really worth mentioning, and are starting to get dated considering it is five or six (?) years old now. Other than that, it basically just a run of the mill Silent Hill game. The moody horror you come to expect but nothing extraordinary. Worth playing though if you are a fan of the series.

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Re: My review of Silent Hill Homecoming.

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Didnt really like it :X

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Re: My review of Silent Hill Homecoming.

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I was too freaked out by the fluffy pink teddy bear in Silent Hill 4: The Room to continue with the series after that point.
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