Triangulum, a board game idea of mine

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Triangulum, a board game idea of mine

Post by omegatripod »

Just thought that I would post my idea for a board game here.


Triangulum is a board game designed for two players. The objective is to go across 3 triangular boards and get to the finish line first, while competing against each other in dice rolls along the way. You'll need one four-sided die (d4) and two six-sided dice (d6).

Get to the finish and win bragging rights!

There are three adjacent (NOT stacking on top of each other!) triangular boards that make up the overall "macro-board." The first board (board 1) is the largest, and is at "ground level," laying flat on the table or other such surface. The second board (board 2) is medium-sized, but is raised a few inches above board 1. The third board (board 3) is the smallest, and is raised even further, twice the height of board 2. These platforms of varying height provide an interesting layer of depth to the game. Think 3-D chess from Star Trek: TNG. Remember, you start on board 1 then go to board 2 and then board 3.
Key: R=red space, B=blue space, Y=yellow space, W=white space, S=starting space, F=finish space, L=ladder space
Board 1: S,R,B,Y,W,R,B,Y,W,R,B,Y,W,L
Board 2: L,R,B,Y,W,R,B,Y,W,R,B,L
Board 3: L,Y,W,R,B,Y,W,F

1.) Determine who goes first by age, gender, skin, rolling dice, rock-paper-scissors, loud arguments, gentlemanly fisticuffs, Mexican standoff, Ultimate Staring Contest, Tour de France, the alignment of the sun and Venus in relation to Jupiter, or whatever else the players can think of.
2.) Roll the d4 to determine how many spaces you move forward.
3.) Play a dice mini-game based on what color is resulting from the spaces that the two players are on. Ladder spaces are considered colorless and do nothing.
4.) Repeat until one player gets to the finish and wins.

Spaces are of the 3 primary colors and white, and the dice mini-game results from the color. For example, if Player 1 lands on a blue space and Player 2 lands on a yellow space, then the Green mini-game is played. White and red is pink, yellow and yellow is yellow, etcetera. You get the idea.

To play a Dice Mini-game, each player rolls a d6. Whoever loses a Dice Mini-game must roll a die (d4 or d6, it doesn't matter). Even number, they go back 1 space. Odd number, they go back 2 spaces. Whoever wins gets to rub it in. Once again, each color is a different Mini-game. White spaces are like modifiers to the Mini-games: it's the same thing, except whoever wins also moves forward 1 space. If both players land on a white or ladder space, nothing happens. No dice.
Red: Highest roll wins. Pretty straightforward.
Purple: Roll twice, adding your rolls together. Highest result wins.
Blue: Lowest roll wins. Subversion of Red.
Green: Roll twice. Subtract your second roll from your first roll. Lowest result wins.
Yellow: Roll twice. Subtract your second roll from your first roll. Highest result wins.
Orange: Roll twice. Subtract your opponent's second roll from your first roll. Highest result wins.

I'll try and post some pictures of the prototype game later. Please tell me what you think!

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Re: Triangulum, a board game idea of mine

Post by Eisbreaker »

It's original, and I like the theme, but I wouldn't want to play it. Unless I misunderstood this game has no factor of skill or strategy, only pure chance, which makes it good for maybe a handful of sessions before people start getting tired of rolling dice around...

I think that if you added some form of decision making it would be much more enjoyable.
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Re: Triangulum, a board game idea of mine

Post by Edminster »

So basically it's a needlessly complicated Snakes and Ladders.

I'm interested in seeing pictures of the board, though.
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