Max Magnus, Man of War

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Max Magnus, Man of War

Post by jeff_osu »

This is a Norse movie about a WW2 partisan by the name of Max Magnus, but what made it remarkable for me was the similarity between Zach Weiner and the actor portraying Max. I kind of kept expecting to see a Nazi wearing rainbow suspenders. I'm not sure if it detracted from or enhanced the movie-watching experience.


It's a good movie, all that aside. If you have Netflix, you can stream it.

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Re: Max Magnus, Man of Moar

Post by Kimra »

There is not enough alliteration in that title. It should clearly be Man Of Moar.*

*better suggestions are welcome.
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Re: Max Magnus, Man of War

Post by Apocalyptus »

No, I think you nailed it first try. Say, have you ever considered getting into the alliterative business?
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