X-Men: First Class

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X-Men: First Class

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Just saw it. Two Words. Magnum Opus.

It was the greatest product the X-men have ever created or ever will create. It has set a new standard, and I doubt this standard can be met a second time.

It perfectly contextualizes Magneto and Xavier, delving deep into parts of their lives that are generally known but not explored in depth.

Through the side story of Mystique and Beast it perfectly displayed why mutantkind are timelessly topical and relevant, and will always function as an allegory for the oppressed and the downtrodden. In that final moment when Xavier says that anonymity will be their foremost defense it becomes abundantly clear that until the day we achieve a global utopia, the X-men will always be a story that needs to be told.

It entirely ditched all the bullshit that normally drags down the franchise. The whole deal with Cyclops and Wolverine and Jean Grey. Wolverine in general for that matter. I love him, but he's a guilty pleasure. I categorize him as cheesy fun. That's not what this was.

It had a fucking ridiculously rad soundtrack. In particular when they pulled out track 16 I started tearing up in the least manly of ways.

There were minor complaints of course. It would have been nice if they'd given Moira her accent, and there is a certain scene I do feel was placed there just because they wanted to do some stuff with the special effects, but time smooths these things over and they're minor complaints to begin with. This film will clearly be remembered for a long time. The complaints will lose relevance long before the amazing aspects of the film does.

Just so fucking amazing. Buying the Blu-Ray. Buying the Soundtrack. I'm out of shit to say here.
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Re: X-Men: First Class


I kinda thought it sucked.
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Re: X-Men: First Class

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I liked it. I didn't like it more than 2. I don't think I liked it better than 1/2* either. I think it's mostly because I don't really care for any of the cast.

*I say 1/2, because Xmen was primarily mediocre. But when viewed within a short timespan before X2, it becomes significantly better.

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