Diablo 3

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Diablo 3

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I couldn't find a thread on this. I also opted to make a new thread because I've been playing this game almost exclusively for a few months, and felt like my post is going to be pretty long (due to both my consumption of the game as well as the fact that I just feel like writing). It's an old game, I grant you. Still, here it is:

I bought Diablo 3 upon release. I abandoned it soon-after. This was primarily due to server issues, I believe. The difficulty (relatively) of the game also was a factor. When I say difficulty, I mean that in the intermittent times I could play, I didn't feel I was getting any traction. I started with the Witch Doctor. Partially because I didn't like that they'd split the ranged characters (and I never played Diablo 2 due to them never lowering the price enough for me to justify), partially because my friend already shotgunned the Barbarian, and partially because the Witch Doctor seemed the most interesting. Which I think may have been the most difficult character to play initially (he was a character weak to start, great at higher levels, I think), made worse by the fact that they were still promoting the trading/buying/selling of items.

Fast forward 2 years. They did away with the Diablo Shop (or whatever they called it) and made the game drop predominantly character specific items. This was also around the time that they released the Reaper of Souls expansion. And naturally, they'd fixed the server issues.

So, in last spring I started with a Barbarian, probably the easiest initial character pre-expansion. Made a run through the game, and ended up buying the expansion (at full price, sadly, since there was a sale a few weeks later).

Anyways, I've enjoyed it a lot, especially since I started playing with the Witch character. I have 5 characters now. A well-equipped Barbarian, a wonderfully-equipped Warlock, a recently started Crusader (expansion-only, but initially I'm not loving), and Seasonal Demon Hunter (who I'm anxiously awaiting being released out of seasons), as well as my initial abandoned Witch Doctor.

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Re: Diablo 3

Post by RalphBeck »

I also had the same issue, and according to domytermpaper.grapes it appeared to be the issues with my server. I could not define that issue for a long time however they told me that is the actual reason.

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