Hey Geeks! Thanks for supporting Soonish. As a reward, whenever we meet a certain unit of book sales, we'll release a bonus of some kind.

We can't tell you what the unit is, but each rung on the ladder is the same amount of sales.

Please note, these rewards will be exclusive to people who bought the preorder through the links on the preorder main page, and physical rewards will not be shipped outside the US. After we release the book, they will no longer be available.

Thanks again!
Kelly & Zach
Thank you everyone for moving the space elevator up so fast! We will begin rolling out awards during the first week of April, and we will keep going until we've released everything.

Kelly & Zach
Extra SMBC update
Zach and Kelly record a podcast discussing the book
Extra SMBC update
Ebook copy of Zach's "Save Yourself Mammal" for everyone
Everyone gets a signed bookplate
Live Q&A with Zach & Kelly
Extra SMBC update
Ebook copy of Zach's "Trial of the Clone" adventure book
Extra SMBC Update
Everyone gets a soonish bookmark
Zach will do a live draw-by-request session for a full hour!
Extra SMBC update
Zach will add hovertext to the first 100 SMBC comics.
All bookmarks will be signed
Zach and Kelly will make 3D printed food of their own heads and eat it and feel weird about it.
Extra SMBC Update
Zach will drink a beer, eat an entire bag of barbecue chips, and contemplate the strange and happy path that has led to this point.

He will not share with Kelly.
Zach will add hovertext to the first 200 SMBC Comics
Extra SMBC Update
Everyone gets an ebook copy of Zach's book "The Most Dangerous Game"
Kelly will do a live Q&A to answer all your parasite-related questions
Zach will add hovertext to the first 300 SMBC Comics