LittleNinja v Sevans

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Re: LittleNinja v Sevans

Post by AHMETxRock »

He votes for Ahmet for fun! What else could you ask for?
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Re: LittleNinja v Sevans

Post by Rainbow »

I actually like the little ninja's work.
AHMETxROCK wrote:This is not quoteworthy.

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Re: LittleNinja v Sevans

Post by Phoenix »

Sevans... but just barely.

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Re: LittleNinja v Sevans

Post by Lethal Interjection »

LittleNinja. I agree with Kimra, she did well with little ammo, and I like the way she did it.

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Re: LittleNinja v Sevans

Post by LordRetard »

I love abortion jokes! I'll vote for Sevans, although bonus points to LN.

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Re: LittleNinja v Sevans

Post by Edminster »

ol qwerty bastard wrote:bitcoin is backed by math, and math is intrinsically perfect and logically consistent always

gödel stop spreading fud

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Re: LittleNinja v Sevans

Post by Oldrac the Chitinous »

I really liked Ninja's.
And I generally think coathanger jokes are in poor taste.
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Re: LittleNinja v Sevans

Post by mypoorbrain »

I read Ninja's and was amused with her attack. I was expecting I'd vote for her, since I didn't have much hope for Sevan beating that.

Sorry though, he proved me wrong. Sevan without a doubt.