Rainbow v Ahmet

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Rainbow v Ahmet

Post by Edminster »

Rainbow (mod):
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Re: Rainbow v Ahmet

Post by Thomas Aquinas »

As a teenager who occasionally does stupid stuff, I vote for Ahmet.
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Re: Rainbow v Ahmet

Post by Asherian »

I vote for Rainbow because the argument Ahmet was making on her behalf was just classic, besides, thats some styling rainbow mod battle.
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Re: Rainbow v Ahmet

Post by mountainmage »

I thought the mod battle was very funny, but I'm going to vote Ahmet if only for that crazy coked out version of his old avatar, and because he actually submitted his.
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Re: Rainbow v Ahmet

Post by smiley_cow »

I'm voting Ahmet because of the line "I just flew back from China and boy are my arms tired."
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Re: Rainbow v Ahmet

Post by AHMETxRock »

I vote for myself, obviously. I guess Rainbow didn't feel like submitting one? I won't hold it against her.
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I like the mod battle's punchline, but it's just a retooling of a joke I drew to make fun of myself before. I mean, I implicated myself being between two guys, so it isn't all that insulting. Thankfully, other mod battles were funny.
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Re: Rainbow v Ahmet

Post by Cirtur »

Woah! Mine was a muslim joke that requires a little basic knowledge of Islam.

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Re: Rainbow v Ahmet

Post by Kimra »

Ahmet, for the rainbow flavour.
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Re: Rainbow v Ahmet

Post by Snarky00 »


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Re: Rainbow v Ahmet

Post by Avalant »


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Re: Rainbow v Ahmet

Post by FengharTheNord »

I'm voting for the Mod Battle. Though I liked Ahmet's more this round.
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Re: Rainbow v Ahmet

Post by Sevans »

I really wanted to vote for the mod battle, because it was quite hilarious. However, I have to vote for Ahmet because it was reasonably funny and wasn't a mod-battle. (Tough to vote for a mod battle when the other guy puts some time into it.)
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Re: Rainbow v Ahmet

Post by wolf »

Ahmet only because I decided to not vote for mod battles this week. Unless both are mod battles then well yeah. Now if Rainbow had made that one herself? funny!
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Re: Rainbow v Ahmet

Post by Rainbow »

Damn, I didn't know I was still in this shiznit! I had no idea I was still supposed to making battles, especially against Ahmet. Oh, woe is me and my failure to care more about ForumBattle than my dead sister.
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Re: Rainbow v Ahmet

Post by Lethal Interjection »

I vote Ahmet, though the mod battle for Rainbow was funny.