Rainbow v Ahmet

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Re: Rainbow v Ahmet

Post by littleninja »

I vote Rainbow. She's had a hard week, and she was the funnier character in Ahmet's comic.

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Re: Rainbow v Ahmet

Post by Edminster »

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Re: Rainbow v Ahmet

Post by Oldrac the Chitinous »

I'll vote Ahmet. The writing was clever, and the visuals were pretty spectacular.
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Re: Rainbow v Ahmet

Post by Phoenix »

I'm actually going to vote ahmet this time.... unbelievable, eh?

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Re: Rainbow v Ahmet

Post by mypoorbrain »

I preferred the mod battle. Despite the fact that I believe Ahmet should win it on the basis of effort alone... I'm gonna stick to my true intentions and vote for Rainbow, since Ahmet has a huge lead anyway.

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Re: Rainbow v Ahmet

Post by Rainbow »

I vote for Rainbow because she will like me better if I do. Let this be a subtle lesson to you all.
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Re: Rainbow v Ahmet

Post by Cirtur »

I vote Ahmet because I'd seen the joke in Rainbow's before it was posted.