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Congratulations, participants! The winners get to beat on each other some more and the losers get to grumble that it's a stupid contest, so everybody goes away disgruntled! Winners in Bold, losers in Small Text.

Twobuy v. Asherian
Twobuy: 3
Asherian: 14

Rooso v. w1ndy
Rooso: 2
w1ndy: 10

Fenghar v. bulbmusic5
Fenghar: 15
Bulbmusic: 2

Phoenix v. Frostbite
Phoenix: 2
Frostbite: 11

littleninja v. Sevans
littleninja: 7
Sevans: 13

Signious v. Cirtur
Signious: 1
Cirtur: 19

Smiley_Cow v. Thomas Aquinas
Smiley: 15
Thomas: 3

Rainbow v. AHMETxRock
Rainbow: 5
Ahmet: 14
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