Ew- an Essay?

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Re: Ew- an Essay?

Post by Khazd »

LordRetard wrote:
Rainbow wrote:If you eat carbs before you work out it should help with muscle loss. It's strange that you'd lose more muscle than fat, but if you are losing both equally that's actually just how it works.
Really? Carbs? I could've sworn it was protein, which is absorbed more readily during and after exercise.
LR is right here. Protein is what is used for re-building muscle tissue and as a for of energy. Carbs are a pure energy that will bind with a protine and become a fat if the body does not use it. That is the principal behind the Fatkins diet.. you eat nothing but protein and you can loose weight, because there is no carbohydrate for it to bind with and become fat. In order for your body to use the protein, it must use the carbs stored in your body. When doing strength training you need a shitload of protein to repair the muscle that you rip to shreds by working out. You ALSO need the carbs as a carrier and energy source or your body builds up too much lactic acid for energy, and that is what makes your body ache like you were raped by angry elephants after a heavy workout. This is why professional body-builders are as weak as kittens during shows, 'cause that have no fat for energy.

I was just pointing out that is is strange that muscle that is built for endurance seems weaker than muscle that is built for short bursts of intense activity.

Also LR, I have started strength training again. I had to stop for a while when I hurt myself. I think I blew my spine right out of my arse during a deadlift and have been recovering for a few months from that.
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Re: Ew- an Essay?

Post by LordRetard »

Well there's that theory about Type I and Type II muscle fibres, and one is aerobic and the other is anaerobic.

I can't do strength training at all. I simply don't have the patience for it.

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Re: Ew- an Essay?

Post by Rainbow »

All I know is a lie? I've read that eating carbs before you work out is ideal for fat loss because your body will use those carbs instead of muscle, but it's extremely hard to find reliable information on weight loss/muscle gain on the internet or anywhere. I assume it's best just to eat well and that's that, but I did recall reading about carbs stopping muscle loss. Thanks for the info-mation.
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Re: Ew- an Essay?

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