Disaster movie script

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Disaster movie script

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From http://www.smbc-comics.com/smbcforum/vi ... 34#p122734
Felstaff wrote:the world's largest, most perfect uncut flawless diamond falls from an aeroplane and spears your foot. You try not to worry about it for a few days, but then you notice a strange smell coming from the wound. You decide to visit the doctor, but in doing so you would have to navigate a particularly busy stretch of road. As you cross, an 18-wheeler careers out of control towards you at 80 miles per hour (128kph). It... narrowly misses you, and you continue on your way. The next stage is travelling through the Forest of Precariously Hanging Anvils. Fortunately this is just a name, and you cross the forest with no difficulty. You reach the doctor's, just as he is treating a patient known as "Chainsaw Ted: the Buzzsaw Killer of Oklahoma". Ted bursts out of the doctor's office and... gives you a big smile, before departing. You enter the doctor's office, and he greets himself as Dr. Kevorkian. "Don't worry," he says, "no relation!" He sees your foot and says you have a mild infection, before giving you some antibiotics and sending you merrily on your way. Soon, your foot heals and you decide to meet up in the library with your good friend Col. Mustard, who wants to borrow your candlestick. He takes it with a smile, raises it above his head, and ... says "this shines so nicely in the light! Thank you!" You wave goodbye and go home. Your wife shoots you dead because she's unhappy with the state of your marriage.
This would make a good script for a disaster movie / (fake) horror movie (like Scream). In the beginning the main character gets a prophecy that he is going to die that day. Then all these near-disasters happen. And in the end he dies in a trivial and unexpected way.
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Re: Disaster movie script

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Thanks, I'll work on it!

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Re: Disaster movie script

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The Script Lab> creative writing > how to write a disaster movie script > do my homework
The Script Lab gives a guide how to write a disaster movie script. I had issues with the dialogues in my first draft on Creative Writing. I had to edit those multiple times and eventually I gave up - sporadic edits didn't make any difference.

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