Dating sites: scam or not?

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Dating sites: scam or not?

Post by lolapa »

Hi all! It seems to me that even on Tinder there are many profiles of scammers. Have you experienced this? How to avoid this at all?


Re: Dating sites: scam or not?

Post by micucaracha »

I always ask for a link to some social net like Facebook or Instagram. By user activity and subscribers, you can understand whether this is a real person or not.

Noel GG

Re: Dating sites: scam or not?

Post by Noel GG »

Online dating, in general, isn't a scam. Of course, you can come across unpleasant platforms or get sad experiences, but there are ways to lessen risks. First of all, choose trustworthy dating platforms. You can search for them by reading reviews and testimonials, checking rates and so so on. Secondly, you should read about dating scams before entering any dating website. You'll find out what is to be avoided to not get frauded.


Re: Dating sites: scam or not?

Post by Kira »

I'm all about privacy and security, which dating sites have never given me, so the fact that the Tingo site monitors illegal activity is a big plus for me. Has anyone encountered problems with content moderation or felt uncomfortable interacting with such artificial intelligence? After all, this option is sometimes more acceptable to me than regular communication.

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